Sales / 70mm



Here custom wishes are possible as well !

Below you see some examples for 70mm models

Important notice
to protect the copyright issues of other manufacturers articles, we declare as follows :
Firma Preiser, Steinsfeld, Germany, is the single proprietor of all rights for Merten & Elastolin figures, regardless of the condition of the figures (e.g. painted, unpainted). Furthermore this is the same case with old Elastolin parts, forasmuch as we use the description Elastolin during further processing. Many items we offering for sale, need Elastolin or Merten parts for production. Some figures, which cannot be bought in a painted condition since years, are merely highly professionally painted from us.
Therefore you find for all available items for sale a detailed description of the origin of the parts (located at a tabel row).
Equally we mention the origin of other manufacturers, if parts of their products are used.
Our own products and painted models are protected through the design right.